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May 10, 2019 2 min read

We all have our own lovely unique shape and there is lot's of different shapes to love !

Some of us have big boobs while others have a big bum and smaller boobs, so what does this all mean when I am trying on clothes? Sometimes it just does not look right..... because it's just not right for your shape. 


So what's going to look good on my shape ? let me give you a few tips .....

Now you may see and hear the terms like " Pear, oh your an Apple well lets change that, no more fruit from now on these are who you are ! "

Apple: Drew Barrymore

Pear: Jennifer Lopez

Hourglass: Marilyn Monroe

Athletic: Cameron Diaz

There much better !!! 


So what's a J. Lo shape anyway ?

  • Your waist is wider than your bust
  • You consider yourself to have fuller hips
  • You have narrower shoulders in comparison to your hips
  • You have a fuller rear


So what’s a Cameron Diaz anyway?

  • You’re not particularly curvy
  • Your shoulders and hip measurements are nearly the same
  • Your waist isn’t very small or well-defined, but rather straight up and down
  • Your weight is fairly evenly distributed throughout your body

So, what’s a Marilyn Monroe shape, anyway?

  • You’d describe your body as curvy
  • You have a well-defined waist
  • Your bust and hip measurements are roughly even
  • You may have fuller bust, hips, and thighs 

So what's a Drew Darrymore shape anyway ? 
  • You are generally well-proportioned
  • Your shoulders are broader than your hips
  • You are not necessarily as curvy through your hips
  • You don’t have a well-defined waistline (If you do, you’re likely an hourglass!)

 It's definitely not set in stone as colour, style and make play an important part but its a good guide to have in the back of your mind when shopping.  SASS xxx 

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